Cleaners for NDIS Participants, DVA & Home Care Packages

Online booking service for support recipients and support coordinators for NDIS, DVA, TAC, Home Care Package providers and other support providers.

House Cleaning Service for NDIS participants, Department of Veterans’ Affairs & Home Care Packages support recipients. 

We realise that NDIS participants and support recipients through other providers can sometimes experience some difficulty when trying to arrange a cleaner for their home. This is because not every cleaner/business is aware of the process and the billing requirements for clients who receive support benefits through home care packages, DVA and NDIS.

You won’t need to worry about this with MaidMe. We can take care of the all the billing and administrative requirements for cleaning services provided to NDIS participants and other support recipients. We have also developed an easy online booking system in which you can provide us with the support plan details to streamline the booking process. This makes it easier as you won’t have to repeatedly provide or have to explain the details again through the cleaning service.

We look forward to providing you with house cleaning services that will leave your place shining and smelling beautifully.

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